eruption [cello-violin-electronics]

ERUPTION appears on Belgrade artistic scene in the mid 90s as an electro-acoustic duo, bringing progressive approaches in instrumental string performing.

Two then students of Belgrade Music Academy – Manja Ristić, violin and Ivana Grahovac, cello – started the series of experimental sessions and improv concerts with the aim of discovering new synthesis in auditive arts.

While researching  acoustic capacities of their instruments and at the same time building solutions for interpretation of specific electro-acoustic textures, duo focused on developing performing skills toward intuitive improvisation and live composing.

After finishing classical studies in Belgrade duo moved to London where both performers received PGDip Solo/Ensemble Recitalist, but 4 years after in 2005 Ivana and Manja returned to Belgrade. Immediately they initiated numerous projects dedicated to reconstruction of local improvisational electro-acoustic scene. During 18 years of band's existence Ivana and Manja reached audiences across Europe and further with their unique sensibility and music knowledge, collaborating with diverse artists while performing in Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, USA...

Since 98' duo collaborated with wide range of academic composers, multimedia artists, conceptual artists, underground musicians, theater and movie directors. After performing at the celebration of 150 years from Nikola Tesla's birth (2006), ERUPTION started permanent collaboration with Rastko Lazić, progressive electronic music composer and performer.

ERUPTION is still focused on experimental intuitive improvisation exploring the limits of instrumental acoustics and searching for organic synthesis of electronic and acoustic soundscapes.

Most important festival appearances: V:NM (Graz), Balkan Improvisers (Cologne), Cronosfera (Cavatore), Video Medeja, Exit (Novi Sad), Zene+ (Copenhagen), ECHO – Experimental Festival, Dispatch, BELEF, Ring Ring, Swiss Music Days (Belgrade)...

Some of the improv/conceptual performers ERUPTION collaborated with: Tomaž Grom, Giovanni di Domenico, Mathieu Calleja, Pak Yan Lau, Exploding Plastics, Igor Stangliczky, Matjaž Manček, Brane Zorman, Birgite Lyregaard, Rune Kaagaard, Ivan Kadelburg, Daniel Buess, Antoine Chessex, Saskia Edens, Bettina Wenzel, Georg Wissel, Carl Ludwig Hubsch, Echo Ho, Blank Disck, Milana Zarić, Nenad Marković, Jean Bru, Franceska Mizzoni, Ivan Jovanović, Mina Mitrušić, Ivana Vukosavljev, Woo, Svetlana Maras, Dusan Damnjanovic, Marina Dzukljev, Richard Barret, Marko Paunovic, ...

ERUPTION produced vast audio archive of the concert performances held across Europe during the last 18 years, also from numerous web streaming performances. They have 8 releases and they took part on several compilations, movie soundtracks and contemporary theater productions.