11 January 2011

Eruption in Cologne

In the time of internet this scene is orientated internationally and up-to-date. Due to difficult economic and political circumstances in the country itself and a quite restrictive visa handling of the EU, the work of these ambitious artists has found only a little attention in the western European public. To change this and to initiate an artistic dialog between German and Serbian artists is one of the concerns of this festival.Beside the concerts in the evening hours, there will be working phases during the day to provide possibilities for the intense exchange of artistic approaches and ideas.
Upon prior agreement it will be possible ( i.e. for school classes) to attend these working phases for listening and colloquy. Eruption performances: Sat., 29.01.2011 / 20h00 at C.U.B.A, Achtermannstrasse 12, 48143 Münster 
Sun. + Mon., 30./31.01.2011 / 20h30 at Stadtgarten, Venloerstrasse 40, 50672 Köln